Sunday, January 18, 2009


AAAArrrrrggggg!!! Snow, Snow and more damn snow! I don't usually get this sick of all the white crap until the last half of February, but this year we've been getting our asses kicked with almost daily lake effect on top of whatever else is on it's way thru.....The sad thing it's only been about 6 weeks since this all started in earnest, but other than a couple day break after christmas it's been a steady and demoralizing bliltz. On top the tons of snow it's also been colder than hell too....temps this past week have been around zero or below. Unless you're a polar bear there's not much you can do in that kinda climate. Like I've said many times before I need to get out of this climate to somewhere where their idea of cold is temps in the 50's. Somewhere where snow is not even possible. I've been reading alot about New Zealand and the more I read the more it sounds ideal for a variety of reasons. I won't go into them all here but the climate is just one big plus of several that appeals to me. It might be a bit hard to get used to having summer in December but I think I could suffer thru.......
Weather aside the economy continues to suck, dropping like a rock and putting people I know out of work almost every day. I'm not quite there myself but this past week we were put on a 4 day work week "until things improve". Well, not holding out a lot of hope for improvement in the near future I hope the job can hold on that long, otherwise I'll be standing in the same line as a shitload of other folks are these days.
This little blog was started to keep track of my adventures in life, but these days I'm gonna include some of my thoughts on where things are going in this country and planet. It's not a rosy outlook for the simple reason there's too much evil out there and it's winning. One only has to look around a bit with an open eye, a critical thinking capacity and a talent for reading in between the lines to see that we're losing freedoms every day that we've had since this country was founded. The sad thing is most folks don't even realize what's going on around 'em. TV fills their heads full of shit and incapacitates their ability to think for themselves. Not to worry, I'm not going to rant from here on out but I'm going to give you some words/phrases to look up next time you're bored or curious and a couple websites that everyone should at least view once. That should be more than enough for now. I'm sure there'll be more later.
Tri-lateral Commission
Skull and Bones
Federal Reserve
Operation Northwoods
New World Order
Pay attention to what the new, media proclaimed Messiah does in the weeks and months ahead...learn to ask questions and think critically if you want to have a future.
Time for sleep.


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You've been too quiet recently!

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