Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Already....Home Again

I guess it should be no surprise to me, or about anyone else that a 4 day trip, with 2 days of it spent on the road, goes by pretty quick.
We were on the road by 5am Wednesday morning and the first couple hours were driven in the dark. By the time it started to get light we were in Indiana and headed towards Illinois at 80mph. The trip for the most part was uneventful. The weather was clear and sunny the whole way. We changed drivers a couple times at fuel stops and by 5:00 CST we were heading down 4th street in Fort Leavenworth, looking for Jen's house.
It was a secret for a couple weeks that Ri was going with us instead of Chris and as we pulled in the driveway and parked, Eric was just pulling in from a trip to daycare to pick up the boys, who seemed real happy to see Ri.
Within an hour or so of arriving we were having Mexican pie for dinner thanks to the wife. The rest of the evening was spent kicked back on the couch, playing with the kids while the women got stuff ready for the Thanksgiving feast the next day.
After a fitful night's sleep and breakfast we ran some errands to get last minute things that we needed for the big meal. When 3:00 came around we were all sitting down to eat Turkey, yams, mashed potatos and gravy, corn and rolls. It was a good feast. The rest of the day went by quickly. Me and Ri took a walk after dinner with one of Jen's puppies that Ri was bringing home and hiked up the hill a couple blocks east of their house for a view of the Missouri River. Their house is literally about 300 yards inside Kansas.
Nobody stayed up too late Thursday night cuz the Polgars were getting up at 4am to go shopping for those Walmart black Friday bargins and the rest of us were just tired out form all the eating and trips back and forth to various stores.
Friday was spent running errands during the morning and then we all made a trip out to the mall / race track to do some shopping at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. A huge freakin' place with way too many people in it for me. We were there on a mission to find a new microwave oven for the Polgar house. Not being much of a shopper I was happy to get the hell outa there and head back to the house. By the time we got back to the house it was time to take the puppies (3) to the vet for their checkups because plans had changed since we arrived. We were now bringing all 3 of them back with us. One for Ri, One for Maynard and the 3rd one for his sister.
Once everyone was back home again from the vet it was time for supper. Wanda had made a big pot of chili so we dived into that with spoons, bowls and crackers. Before long it was time to put the kids to bed and say our goodbyes then as we wouldn't be waking them up in the morning to say goodbye. I'm sure they didn't realize that was the plan at the time we tucked them in. It had been a fast two days made up mostly of eating, napping and shopping.
Saturday came too early and the girls were up and packed before I got up. We packed up the bags and made sure we had everything. Ri went and got the puppies and got them loaded in their travel bag. Jennette had said they were going to get up to see us off but when the time came to go they were still asleep so we fired up the car and headed out of town. It was disappointing not getting to say goodbye to the daughter but it didn't make much sense to wake 'em up just to say Goodbye and send 'em back to bed.
The ride back was almost as uneventful as the ride out but having 3 puppies in the car livened things up a bit. Rest Area stops took longer with having 3 puppies to keep empty and people's questions about how old?, what were they? etc....We had some snow going thru Missouri, but by the time we got back up to Des Moines it had stopped and just stayed grey and cold the rest of the way home. We got back into town about 7:30pm and made a stop at the Greens to show off the puppies and then took the two Ri wasn't keeping over to Maynards place and dropped them off. Once that was done we headed back to the house to pick up Chris and then we headed for Texas Roadhouse for a good meal after a long ride.
It was nice seeing the grandkids again. They all had grown a bit since they were here in May. I got to spend some quality time with all of them, but I never did take any pictures though....inbetween shopping trips, eating and naps I just never got started, so instead of my handiwork I'm including a couple pics that Jen sent from their photo session of a couple weeks ago.
Ryan, Ethan & Jason
Eric, Jen & the boys
It's late and I need some sleep to get ready for the grind in the morning. Had a good time, just went by too damn fast for my tastes.


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