Monday, October 27, 2008

Wind, Rain, Sleet, Slush, Hail and Thunderstorms...

...and that was just in the space of 15 minutes last night!
I'm a bit behind, I was going to write last Monday about the trip to the folks but here it is, Monday again already.
Last weekend I went up to the folks house for the day Sunday. Took Mercury along with me for company. I recall the days when I used to have kids and a wife but Merc is quieter and less demanding so it's not all bad.
While I was there I spent some time talking with my dad and some time working on Mom's computer to help her solve some problems. Had dinner of chicken and green beans and spent some time outside with Merc throwing the stick. Left for home about 6 and took my time getting home cuz there wasn't gonna be anybody there was a nice sunny day and the fall colors were just about at peak so I enjoyed the ride up and back again. Could've only been better if it'd been warm enough to take the bike instead of the truck.
During the week last week the truck decided to give me more problems, (Just spent 300 bucks fixing it the week before) and the starter started giving me trouble. After crawling underneath the truck a couple times to bang on the starter to get it to fire up I decided to take it back to floyds Friday morning and have him put a new starter on it. That cost me anouther 150 bucks I didn't have.
We had planned on going up to camp for the last time this past weekend but the weather report was less than promising so we ended up staying home. It rained most all day Saturday and Sunday until it got ugly and started raining hail last night so it was a less than ideal weekend for camping. I guess that means next weekend I'll be heading up to put things away for the winter. Crank the camper down and pull up the hoses until it starts to warm up again in the spring.
Last night on a whim I decided to shave off the beard growth that I'd been growing since July 4th. so there's somebody different looking back at me in the mirror today........According to the wife I look younger but I'm not so sure. Don't feel younger, that's for sure.
Not much else to say at the moment so no sense in forcing it.


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