Sunday, November 09, 2008

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later...

...and it finally did this afternoon. It snowed enough to cover the green grass. Ack. And if that wasn't bad enough the whole damn week ahead is suppose to be more of the same. Of course if you really want to get depressing the next 4 or 5 months is gonna be more of the same.......
This past week was pretty quiet as things tend to get this time of year. It was nice enough Monday thru Wednesday to ride the bike to work a couple last times. Which makes today's weather even that much more painful.
I wasn't feeling too good Friday morning, or Thursday night either for that matter, so I decided to take the day off work and just stay home and keep a low profile. I have my computers at work now set up so I can access them from home which is kinda cool. Now I can do some of my work from here and not have to go in......yeah, right.
This past Tuesday was the election and the country voted Democrat this time around and we have someone who as far as I know hasn't even established the fact that he's legally eligible to be president, but I guess that, like so many other things, doesn't matter these days. Nobody can say the guy doesn't have Charisma and the fact he's kinda black has given the black community a new messiah. First one since Martin Luther King I guess. They're comparing him to Kennedy which is pretty funny when he hasn't even done anything yet. I just hope he don't come to the same end as JFK. I think it's a definite possibility. Time will tell, but the next 6 months should be interesting. The economy is so freaking bad that there's talk about General Motors going belly up which will put another million people, at least, on the public dole, including me probably. Gas has gone from July's high of $4.20 a gallon down to $1.99 tonight. I'll stop on that positive note cuz I don't want to start ranting about shit I can't do nothing about. Sit down, strap in and hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
I can't recall if I mentioned it yet or not but we're planning on going out to Fort Leavenworth for Thanksgiving weekend to visit Jennette and her clan. Leaving early morning the 26th and will be back home the evening of the 29th. A short visit. What I like to call a power trip. :-)
Ah well, one day at a time.


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