Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.....

It's not like I could stop it anyhow...
We're having some first class winter weather this weekend. something we haven't had in several years if not longer. It started getting windy and snowing last evening, rattling the windows and piling up the drifts while we slept and by the time I got up this morning the world outside had a decidedly artic look to it. During the day today winds have been up to 40mph which gave us wind chills around -25°. The blowing snow was bad enough at times that the houses across the street weren't visible. Not exactly snow man building weather. Even the dogs were only out long enough to do their business before they were barking to be let back inside. At this point, Sunday evening, the winds are dying down and the worst seems to be over although it's still a bit chilly as this intellicast forecast indicates.
and to indicate exactly what the term lake effect means.....this intellicast image from this evening tells the tale.

So much for the weather report.
The only other thing that comes to mind is the issue I had with the truck this past week. Tuesday evening while we were out and about Wanda went to lower the window and it decided it had had enough of the constant up and down and stop moving. No matter how much she or I pushed our buttons to make it go back up it would not move and given the time of year it made for an uncomfortable ride home. For the next couple days I put plastic over it to keep the snow out while parked but going back and forth to work was a breezy affair. I finally got it into the shop Thursday afternoon expecting it to cost me a couple hundred bucks I didn't have and was pleasantly surprised to have to only shell out fifty bucks for a new switch, to replace the one that had burnt itself out. Given the weather this weekend I'm real glad I spent the money to get it fixed.
Time to head for bed now and get ready for the coming week.

Friday, February 01, 2008

"It is astounding what God allows the human race to get away with, when lightning is so cheap."

The above quote is attributed to Mark Twain. At least the source I got it from attributes it to Mr. Twain. I did a little research, but couldn't find it on the Quotation sites I visited. I'll keep looking, but I guess it's not really too important who gets credit for the thought as long as the quote is a valid observation. Not only that, but it made me chuckle and anything that can make me chuckle in the dead of winter would be a belly laugh in summertime.......

It's February 1st, already. That's not good....When January zooms past as fast as it did this time around then I have some concern for how fast the summer will go by......I've been fairly busy with my little projects this winter. Been working on the websites again, which is theraputic and continuing to digitize the vinyl collection. After a year of being an Ipod devotee I've finally managed to fill it up entirely and now I find myself removing albums from Itunes to make room for new stuff. Sometime in the not too distant future I'm going to need another external Hard drive just for music storage. Best Buy had 350gig HD's for $120 and I'm wrestling with the wisdom of plastic carding one.

The weather this past month has been weird to say the least. Everything from spring-like weather to wind-chill temps that make it wise to stay indoors, wrapped in a blanket with a dog or 3 close by for added warmth. Just this past week we had pouring rain with temps in the 40's and 6 hours later temps in the 20's, with serious wind chill and 8 inches of snow on the ground. I went out to go to work the next morning and the doors on the truck were froze shut because of the moisture from the rain and the quick deep freeze temps that followed. We got dumped on again today and so after supper this evening I spent a couple hours out shoveling the driveway, removing what the snow plow deposited. The stars were out, with Orion high in the southern sky and the cold air actually felt good in my lungs.

This has been a better winter health-wise this time around after some rough times the last couple years. Since my trip to the emergency room back in November I've been feeling pretty good and having no problems at all with the lungs not wanting to do their job. That's a good thing. I've been to another doctor a couple times since that trip to the E.R. and after that scare have been being pretty good about following his suggestions and taking the meds. I've come to the totally unprofessional conclusion that more than likely the new meds I'd started back in November were the cause of my problem. Wasn't having a problem before I started them and haven't had a problem since I stopped. Of course the downside to a visit to the E.R. is the cost of having them entertain you. Hopefully the insurance will take care of the bulk of the bill but I'm still gonna be paying a stipend every month for quite awhile. The basic bill for 3 hours in E.R. was right around $1,700 and I wasn't in a whole lot better shape when I left than I was when I got there.

Look at that.....they say when ya get old most all your discussions revolve around the weather or your health. Hey, I'm not dead yet. Let's talk about plans for the coming year. Once the green returns to the land I plan to take lots of dog walks, put lots of miles on the bike and the hot rod, do some car shows, spend as many weekends up at camp as I can get away with and the capper? taking a bike trip out west for a week by myself. How is that gonna happen? Well, possibly thanks to the idiot we have for a president's economic incentive plan, if that becomes a reality. Otherwise, I'll just be behind a little further for awhile. I can travel pretty cheap by myself on a bike with a tent and sleeping bag so I don't expect the trip to cost much at all and the advantages to such an endeavor, both mentally and physically, far outweigh any downside. I have wanted to travel to the Dakota's, see the Badlands and Mount Rushmore since the kids were little. I had a trip planned as a family at one point years ago but it was never realized for a variety of reasons so this is a better late than never adventure that I really need to do. I am already planning the route, figuring out how far I can get from day to day and listing what I want to see. Hopefully nothing will come along to squash the plan.

For right now though the plan is to stay warm, stay mellow, keep breathing and try to find something in every day that makes me glad to be alive and kickin'. With that said my plans for the weekend are to do all the above plus shovel the driveway, play on the puter, maybe go to a movie if I can talk the wifey into it and play with my 4 legged buddies who are all crashed out around me at the moment.

In closing this time, because I've taken no pictures lately, here are a couple graphics. The first one I find humorous. One of the guys on a Audio equipment list I'm on had it as his avatar and I thought it was quite funny. If you've read George Orwell's book and know anything about the current situation of the government, it's funny.
The second one I'm not sure where I found it, I simply think it's a beautiful image.
I've even included a joke that gave me a belly laugh AND YouTube video of Mrs Hughes. This lady is one funny grandma......the first time I saw this I laughed so hard I had tears rollin' down my cheeks. Her timing and inflection are impecable. Spend the 5 minutes and see if it doesn't make you feel better.........

I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline.

I got a call center in Pakistan.

I told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.